I spy

How good are you at counting?

Do you have an eye for details?

Do you love all things Christmas?

If so, then Christmas I Spy is for you.

Here at Send A Card To Santa, we love a good challenge. Download and print the Send a Card to Santa I Spy activity page. Using the key at the bottom of the page, see if you can find each of the characters on the page. Colour each one as you go.

If you love a challenge, then download the Send A Card To Santa I Spy Challenge page for a much harder activity page. I think we might stump you on this one!

Extra Idea:

Why not download and print two copies, and challenge your sibling or friend to see who can complete the page the quickest. Set a timer and have lots of fun. You could also play your favourite Christmas music while you are completing this challenge.

Remember, Christmas is about love – so be kind and have fun!

We would love to see what you create so please ask a grown up to share a photo of your I Spy pages to social media with the hashtag #SendACardToSanta. Why not also share a photo of you challenging a friend. We love to see you having fun.

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