Can you draw Santa

Have you ever wanted to draw a picture of Santa? Well here at Send A Card To Santa, we would love to show you how.

Follow the steps below to complete your Santa drawing –

  1. Download and print the below ‘Can you Draw Santa’ printable
  2. Choose your favourite drawing pencil
  3. Have a look at the Santa drawn on the grid at the top left of the page. You will use this grid to help you draw your very own Santa below
  4. Looking at one square at a time, carefully fill in each square on the large Santa to complete the Santa drawing. Just work on one square at a time
  5. For an extra challenge, try turning the page upside down before copying the squares, your eye will then look at what you are drawing in each square and not what you think you are drawing. Why not try both ways and see which one gives you a more accurate Santa drawing
  6. When you have finished drawing your Santa, why not colour him in with your favourite Christmas colour
  7. You could draw a few Santa’s, cut them out and decorate your room or Christmas tree with your very own, hand drawn Santa
  8. Remember, have fun!!

We would love to see what you create so please ask a grown up to share a photo of your very own hand drawn Santa to social media with the hashtag #SendACardToSanta

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